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October 2015

After a long awaited bull tag, I was with an outfitter about nine miles into the back country just north of Jackson, Wyoming. It was a rough hunt with little success for most and none for me. After an unsuccessful week long hunt, I was back in town packing my bags when I decided to attend a little local church when a fellow introduced himself and asked what I was doing in Wyoming. When I told him that I had been on an unsuccessful elk hunt, he immediately asked if I had called Dan Martin. Obviously I had no idea who he was talking about but he had my attention. Later back at the hotel, I was packing my bags and I decided that if I was going to call Dan that I might as well give it a shot. I left a message and he returned my call within minutes. Dan explained that at that current time in the season, he could only do a day hunt or two. This was all the chance that I needed. Upon meeting with Dan the next morning I was quick to get a feeling of peace knowing that this fellow is honest and eager to have some fun. On my previous hunt I worked really hard to only get a glimpse of an elk, Dan had us on three groups of elk within an hour of the hunt and had me in position for my first bull. Everything worked and I made the shot. I honestly think Dan was either more excited than me or just really excited for me, either way I was glad to be with him.

I have recommended Dan to other hunters and of course went back for a 2016 adventure with even better success.


Thank you Dan, you’re a good dude.




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